Wheel care and cleaning

Rims want to shine

You have just dug up the summer tyres and fitted them. Now it’s time to wash off the winter dust because rims want one thing above everything else – a shine!

Wheels are the eye-candy of many cars, impressing onlookers with their exceptional design elements and diversity of shape. But if you really want your rims to look their best, you need to care for them regularly. As early as in the first spring clean, you can prep your rims for long-lasting protection and shine by cleaning them properly and using the right care products.

Easy guide to putting away winter tyres

Having deserved a break, your winter tyres can now move into their summer quarters. But before stowing them away for a couple of months, make sure to remove all traces of winter. Salt and grit are hard on rims and can attack the surface sealing. Even if, owing to their special finish, AEZ wheels are more resistant than many others, they still need thorough cleaning and care with the right products.

Be careful about your choice of care and cleaning products. Not all achieve the desired effect in the end.

AEZ Crest dark Audi A4 Avant

Stay away from…

1) Common household detergents

They are made for specific surfaces and devices, containing ingredients especially developed for such purposes. They’re often very aggressive such as, for example, oven sprays or bathroom cleaners, which can result in ugly residues and harm the surface sealing.

2) Cleaning products containing acid

These can really harm your rims. The smooth surface will break up, resulting in corrosion damage. Make sure to always read the product specification because many materials and surfaces do not tolerate acidic or alkaline detergents.

3) Scrubbers

Gentle care is more effective than hoping for a quick result using steel wool or scrubbers. Simply apply the products especially developed for rim cleaning while not exceeding the application time. Then simply wash off the dirt using a high-pressure water blaster from a safety distance of roughly 30 cm.

AEZ Steam graphite Jaguar

Keep in mind!

• Never remove stubborn dirt with scrubbers.

• Stay away from acidic and alkaline detergents.

• Pre-soaking rims of very dirty wheels makes cleaning easier.

AEZ Leipzig black BMW X6

This will work:

Make sure to take a look at the manufacturers’ instructions for each product. However, the following application tips basically apply to the majority of rim cleaning products from well-stocked retailers.

1) Apply the rim cleaner as specified by the manufacturer.

2) First remove coarse and loose dirt such as mud or soil buildup using a high-pressure water blaster. To avoid damages on tyre or rim, make sure to keep a minimum distance of 30 cm.

3) To reach all nooks and crannies, use a cloth or a special rim brush to loosen all incrustations and absorb all dirt.

4) Finally rinse the wheels thoroughly with clean water, and everything is back to its previous glory.

5) To avoid water spotting dry the surface in strong sunlight using a soft cloth.

6) Once the wheels are spic and span, a catlick will do for the next one to two times – in other words, a sponge soaked in car shampoo.

AEZ North high gloss Volvo

AEZ expert TIP:
Applying rim wax on the freshly cleaned surface avoids dirt from setting on the rim surface. Dirt will stick far less and will be easier to remove. Rim wax acts as an additional layer of protection and gives the wheel a fresh, long-lasting shine.

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