Luxury class with extra style

Whether Mercedes or Porsche – AEZ delivers a wow effect

In keeping with the current e-mobility trend, AEZ demonstrates how stylish e-cars can be by enhancing the new Mercedes and Porsche e-models with matching rims. The wheels from AEZ combine quality with technological innovation and have been developed for cars in the premium category. Thanks to VTA and ECE approvals, you don’t need to bother about registrations and certifications..

AEZ Panama

Modern look
A mix of SUV, coupé and estate car.

Visually, the EQC does not fail to impress with its striking front. Under the bonnet hides a 408-hp strong electric engine which revs up from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.1 effortless seconds and, in the Eco mode, covers a range of 335 km. In this Mercedes you will glide across the road elegantly and silently. It won’t sway even in narrow corners.

Thanks to state-of-the-art assistance systems such as Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Cruise Control, the EQC nearly drives itself, in keeping with the “electric smartness” motto. This enables you to enjoy the generous interior space.

AEZ has equipped the Mercedes with the AEZ Panama dark in 8x20. The wheel carries the 2.5 tons without breaking a sweat, emphasizing the EQC’s modern look. Thanks to VTA and ECE approvals the AEZ Panama, which is especially designed for SUVs, is a qualitative and reliable partner.

AEZ Panama

Electrifying combination

The AEZ Panama comes free-of-registration for the sporty Porsche Taycan Turbo as well. The new Porsche’s rear seems to be made from one piece. If you glance at the front you immediately realise there is power under the bonnet – power from the socket. The Porsche Taycan Turbo is the first e-vehicle bearing the well-known emblem. Owing to the 800-volt system voltage – Tesla has been providing a voltage of 400 volts – the new e-Porsche is ready to hit the road after 30 minutes of charging from 5 to 80 percent. Regardless of the road conditions the sporty Porsche will find itself in, thanks to the all-wheel drive’s two powerful synchronous motors, the e-speedster is literally glued to the concrete.

The AEZ Panama is the perfect choice for the first e-Porsche. With its concave design, the state-of-the-art wheel makes for extra visual finery. The free-of-registration rim on the Porsche Taycan Turbo is mounted in a staggered fitment, 9x20 ET 50 at the front axle and 10.5x20 ET 64 at the rear axle.

AEZ Tioga

Perfect match
The AEZ new entry meets the Mercedes top dog.

AEZ adorns the new Mercedes GLB with the brand new AEZ Tioga titan in 7.5x18 ET 50. The state-of-the-art double-spoke wheel in the classic elegant look convinces with technical precision. Well-protected thanks to SRC paint, the diamond cut finish look is preserved in the long run. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of a ride out of the city, be it in summer or winter. The off-road space wonder by Mercedes is perfectly suitable for extended families as the trunk offers 560 litres of storage space or two additional seats, as required.

The GLB is available in 150 or 190-hp diesel drive or in the 250 petrol version with 224 hp. There is also an AMG implementation with 306 hp. In the Sport mode, the GLB is nippy and agile, providing plenty of off-road driving pleasure. Narrow corners, steep roads or uneven roads are no problem. In the Eco mode, the Mercedes is silent and switches to neutral when the road is clear, which also reflects positively on the consumption display.

Up for more car-wheel combinations?

If you are after an individual look, it pays off to click on the AEZ rim configurator. The AEZ wheels are designed keeping in mind different cars, and thanks to various approvals they are mostly free of registration. Simply feed in your car data and let the AEZ rim configurator inspire you!

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