Must alloy rims sleep in winter? No!

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Alloy rims give every car an individual look which you can now maintain in winter as well. Say good-bye to the times you didn’t allow your “shiny showpieces” to touch snow or slush.

Fit-for-winter finish

With the innovative SR3 paint, you can now show off your top design AEZ alloy rims in winter as well. Earlier, without the special paint, a grey layer would form on rims, dulling their paint and shine.

Well, this is snows of yesteryear because now you can enjoy winter rides on “salt-resistant” rims. Thanks to SR3 paint technology, road salt and gravel can no longer harm your AEZ rims.

Proper care is key!

Alloy rims are supposed to provide a visual treat, which is why they need proper grooming.

In order to keep the sealant intact, dirt deposits must be removed from the wheels. This applies not only to brake dust – which must be removed in summer as well – but also to road salt. If you fail to clean your rims, the dirt may virtually eat into them and damage the material.

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Easy-to-do proper care

Rim cleaning products available at well-stocked specialist retailers require proper application, which is why we have put together a few tips for a successful rim cleaning procedure.

  • Never use a “scrub sponge” or a sharp object to remove stubborn dirt
  • Never use rim cleaning products containing acid as they may damage surface and paint
  • Apply rim cleaner as specified by the manufacturer
  • Remove coarse dirt such as mud or earth by using a high-pressure cleaner. Keep a minimum distance of 40-50 cm!
  • Use a cloth or a special rim brush for stubborn dirt especially on hard-to-reach edges
  • Rinse the wheels with clear water to make them shine again
  • On sunny days, polish the rims with a soft cloth

Tips from AEZ

AEZ recommends soaking the front wheels as they usually carry the most dirt and to start the actual cleaning process from the rear. AEZ further advises applying a layer of rim wax to keep new dirt from settling and to provide extra shine to your alloy rim. This will seal the cleaned surface and provide additional protection.

Proper storage

Make sure to store the cleaned rims in a dry room.

Rims with tyres are best stacked for storage. Specialist retail shops offer suitable “rims and tyre stands”. However, the easiest and most professional way would be to use the storage services of a trusted workshop or tyre dealer that guarantee proper care and expert handling of your alloy rims.