This combination is a ride “E”xtraordinaire

AEZ Straight Mercedes Benz E-Klasse Artikelbild 01

The Mercedes E-Class, as is known, is a car belonging to the upper and slightly more expensive mid-range. In any case, the E stands for extraordinary success since the new model is innovative and perfectly thought-out as an estate car, with a sportier and fuller look while its lines are almost coupé-like, but just almost, given that this premium car boasts 4.93 metres in length.


This estate car is a true space wonder, offering up to 1820 litres of space. The flowy form makes the load space look even bigger.

With the front seats folded up, the Mercedes offers ample legroom.

The top-quality and premium materials extend to the car boot which is almost too beautiful to be used “only” for storage purposes.

AEZ Straight Mercedes Benz E-Klasse Artikelbild 03

E as in extra premium

The entire interior is gorgeous to look at and offers plenty of hightech in addition to comfort. The cockpit welcomes drivers with a widescreen using intuitive navigation including a multi-media system which can all be controlled by the multi-function leather steering wheel. And those who wish to do so, can connect themselves with the car using their smartphone which can even unlock the car.

Four for pleasure

With this estate car, Mercedes banks on “just” four cylinders and still provides lots of power for a pleasant and smooth driving pleasure. In order to achieve a visually matching rotation of the four tyres, the AEZ Straight rims give just the right emphasis.

AEZ Straight Mercedes Benz E-Klasse Artikelbild 02

Getting the lines straight

The alloy rim accentuates the harmonious lines of the E-Class. With its 10-spokes design, the AEZ Straight looks both straightforward and extravagant.

The inwardly curved “maximum concave” dish and the interplay of polished and dark surfaces are additional eye catchers.

AEZ Straight and the Mercedes E-Class – a combination that promises not only stylish driving pleasure but also a trifle more “E”xtra visual pleasure on the roads.

AEZ Straight – Facts and Figures:

Dimensions: 7.5 x 17, 8.0 x 18, 8.5 x 19, 9.5 x 19, 8.5 x 20, 9.0 x 20 und 9.5 x 20

Bore: 5-hole

Finish: black polished

Construction: cast, one-piece

Load: up to 770 kg

VTA: yes

TPMS: 100 % fit for TPMS

Warranty: 3 years