If you are standing on a “Cliff“, you have vision! Reason enough why owners of a Tesla S should buy the AEZ 8.5x19’’ alloy wheel of the same name. After all, the emission-free premium sports limousine is both technically and visually amazing. With aluminium in particular, the automotive industry will continue to do a lot. The comparatively “young” metal is extremely light and thus makes for very efficient cars. For the Tesla S it is used on the body and as the brand new AEZ Cliff it also shows its aesthetic qualities.

The alloy wheel has a convincing cross-spoke design with five pairs of double spokes stretching far into the slim rim flange. The design is a visually and technically harmonised interplay of spokes and centre: AEZ’s new “smart center“ makes for an overall more compact and detailed design. It gets its depth and 3D quality from the inwardly slanted edge in the rim well. With this successful wheel-car combination, AEZ proves that aluminium is not only an excellent conductor but also emotionally electrifying.

Alternatively to the high-gloss variant the AEZ Cliff is also available with the adjunct dark in front-polished black.

AEZ Cliff/AEZ Cliff dark – Data & Facts:

Dimensions (4-hole mounting): 7x16, 7x17

Dimensions (5-hole mounting): 7x16, 7x17, 8x17, 8x18, 8x19, 8.5x19, 9.5x19, 9x20, 10x21, 11.5x21 inches

Finish: High Gloss / black, front polished

Construction: cast, single-piece

General Operating Permit (GOP): yes

Load: up to 1025 kg

Specials: prepared for TPMS and snow-chains