A safe ride needs the right WTT

That’s right, this is about Wheels, Tyres, and TPMS

Here’s what you should know for a safe new wheel/tyre combination:

What is crucial about Wheels, Tyres, and TPMS, and what role does each of these three play? In the following, we’ll explain why all three must fit together, how to quickly find your desired wheel, and how to fit your car brand’s hubcaps into the new wheels.


Technically speaking, the round things are called wheels. The term “rim” technically refers only to the outer part of the wheel where the tyre sits. The term “wheel”, on the other hand, refers to the fixed combination of rim, spokes, and the wheel’s attachment surface with the bolt pattern and bolt circle.


The term “tyre” refers to the part primarily made of rubber and synthetic materials that makes contact with the road. It is filled with air and is therefore also called a pneumatic tyre. The tyre is an important aspect of driving dynamics as it transfers the forces of the road, depending on its condition.


T for TPMS

If your car was registered for the first time after November 1, 2014, you have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on board, because such a system has been mandatory for new cars throughout Europe since that date. As the name suggests, sensors check if the tyre pressure deviates from a preset value.

There are direct and indirect systems: An indirect TPMS usually gathers information via the ABS sensors. A direct TPMS works with one sensor per wheel, so one for each wheel/tyre combination, and displays the current tyre pressure in the cockpit.

Three important functions

The tyre pressure monitoring system is an important tool that allows you to detect if a tyre is losing pressure, for example, because the carcase has a damage that is not immediately visible to the naked eye. Therefore, a TPMS significantly contributes to driving safety and should always be checked for functionality.

Ultimately, the TPMS also helps you save money, as too low tyre pressure not only increases tyre wear but also fuel consumption.

The perfect wheel/tyre combination

Since Wheels, Tyres, and TPMS are closely linked and there are numerous legal regulations behind them, the AEZ 3D configurator provides valuable services from the start, as all important technical information is stored here. First, you need to enter your vehicle’s data here, and you will immediately receive a clear list of all wheels suitable for your car, including certificates and all important information.

If your vehicle does not have an indirect TPMS, the configurator will also show you all the suitable sensors. If you are not 100 percent sure about all the legal requirements, you should consider visiting a professional workshop. This way, you are definitely on the safe side.


Brand caps for many types

For the brands BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche, there is a huge selection of car-specific wheels in different designs and colour variants where you can use the original center caps.

For vehicles of the brands VW, Skoda, or Seat, AEZ even offers matching adapter rings so that you can also mount the original brand cap on your desired AEZ wheel.

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