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The proverbial French way of life has many facets – and inspired us to a photo shoot with the Peugeot 408 and the AEZ Montreal dark at a charming vineyard. Not only does the SUV coupé present itself as a typical French car for all areas of daily life. Its bold, independent design also recalls automotive achievements from the land of fashion.

In combination with the progressive double-spoked wheel AEZ Montreal in the dark design variant, a harmonious duo is created, which shows both elegant and sporty elements and works together seamlessly. Visually, the avant-garde 408 is a highly interesting everyday vehicle with a slightly sporty touch as a stylish crossover, whose playful design harmonises very well with the sporty and stringent lines of the AEZ Montreal.


Well-designed and estate-like

At 4.70 meters in length, the 408 slightly surpasses the mid-range class, which goes a long way towards interior space. With its estate-like body shape, raised construction, and exceptional coupé-like rear section, the 408 combines different virtues into a coherent mix.

Inside, there is a generous amount of space for passengers and luggage, many well-thought-out details make life on board easier. The sportiness of the 408 is reflected in the interior through the clever i-Cockpit, which Peugeot is particularly proud of. The steering wheel is small and positioned relatively low so that the instruments above can be easily read while digital displays and analogue switches alternate.

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Perfect for high loads

The AEZ Montreal was designed precisely for cars like the Peugeot 408, as well as many other Asian or French car brands, boasting a maximum load capacity of up to 815kg, 5-hole design, and many VTA and ECE fitments, allowing it to be mounted on a wide range of vehicle types without further approvals.

The distinctive Montreal is also extremely flexible: It’s available in dimensions ranging from 7x18 to 8.5x20 inches and offsets from 35 to 57. In addition, its straight-lined design adds a classic sporty touch.


Four engine options

The front-wheel drive Peugeot 408 comes with four different engine variants for every purpose: The entry-level model starts with a 96-kW petrol engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission, a 100-kW hybrid with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission provides electric assistance.

Two plug-in hybrids with 133 and 165 kW complete the range of engines.


But the AEZ Montreal doesn't just look great on the Peugeot 408, as you can also admire in the vineyard video on YouTube. It also adorns many other models, of course. Give it a try and test the Montreal in the AEZ 3D configurator.

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