Here, three absolute exceptional talents come together: The sporty spearheads of their respective series, the Mercedes EQE AMG and the Audi SQ8 e-tron, find a congenial and detailed partner in the AEZ Havanna, which, with its load capacity of up to 1045 kg, is not only specialised in hybrids or BEVs. With their expressive and highly modern design, the two pairs develop their own unique aura – in the design variant grey on the Audi, and Havanna dark on the Mercedes.

The SQ8 is one heck of a joyride

Let’s be honest, the Q8 e-tron has never been a wallflower. However, with its 503 PS and 973 Nm, the SQ8 is a total blast. The powerhouse is all Audi on the inside with highly modern infotainment and contemporary assistance systems. From the outside, you can recognise the sportier Q8 by its flatter but wider appearance. Advanced driving dynamics systems ensure driving pleasure on board, making you forget the high weight of the spacious vehicle.


The AEZ Havanna grey avoids conspicuous colour schemes; here, the lively structure of the rim dominates, inspired by Caribbean joie de vivre. The numerous details, twists, and asymmetries come into their own and harmonise excellently with the rather clean, smooth design of the Audi. A beautiful pair that is a sight to behold.

Race taxi with dynamic footgeark

Wasn't the E-Class once known as a taxi? In its latest incarnation, as a purely electric, four-door sports saloon with a coupe-like rear end in AMG trim, the Benz becomes a race taxi. In the base version AMG EQE 43, this is made possible with 476 PS and 860 Nm whilst a whopping 687 PS and 1000 Nm make it happen in the top version AMG EQE 53. This ensures exhilarating driving performance: The AMG EQE 53 completes 100 km/h in snappy 3.3 seconds.



To safely handle such speeds, AMG has also developed the suspension, with the sporty air springs essentially coming from the AMG 4-door GT.

The highly elegant, rounded shape of the AMG EQE can do with a strong contrast – and also profits from it. In this case, the Havanna dark sets very distinctive, expressive accents with its high-gloss struts on the surface and the shiny black in the background. The cleverly twisted double spokes are well worth a second look.


Free-of-registration in many dimensions

Customised for the somewhat heavier candidates, the Havanna is available in dimensions from 8x19 to 10.5x21 and offers numerous free-of-registration ECE fitments. With the extremely robust SRC coating, even harsh winters are not a problem.

Those who want to take a closer look at the Havanna from the comfort of their own home on their own vehicle, or are looking for the perfect matching design, will surely find it in the AEZ 3D configurator . Further tips, tricks, and trends can be found on the AEZ social media channels and on YouTube.

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