Winter is slowly but surely retreating. It's high time to put on the summer footwear again. But before swapping out the winter for the summer outfit, one should thoroughly rid the winter wheels of the traces of the cold season. Only then can they perform at their best: shining and gleaming properly.

Salt and road grit can attack the surface sealant, even if the wheels have a special coating. AEZ wheels are protected from environmental influences with their ultra-strong three-layer SRC coating ("Salt & Sun Resistant Coating"). However, to maintain the protection for many years, a few things should be considered when removing the traces of winter. The choice of care products is crucial and important because ordinary household detergents, acidic cleaners, and abrasive products are unsuitable for cleaning the surface gently enough. Unsuitable cleaning agents can cause unsightly residues and damage to the surface sealant.



What not to do

Do not use ordinary household detergents, oven sprays, or bathroom cleaners, as they are very aggressive and only suitable for certain surfaces.

They can even attack the SRC coating. Acidic/alkaline cleaners attack the smooth rim surface and can cause corrosion damage. Hands off! Do not use scratchy brushes, steel wool, or a steel brush. Gentle care is always more efficient and surface-protecting. Make sure to read the product description and observe the exposure time.


Clean wheels, step by step

After reading the manufacturer's instructions, apply the rim cleaner. Coarse dirt is best removed with a high-pressure water blaster. Caution: Maintain a minimum distance of 30 centimetres! For the finer structures of the rim, it is best to use a (microfiber) cloth or a special rim brush.

Once the dirt is removed, rinse with clear water. Caution: If there is strong sunlight during cleaning, dry the rim surface with a soft cloth to avoid water spots. Applying rim wax at this point additionally protects the surface and also reduces maintenance effort throughout the year.


The agony of choice: The rim configurator brings relief!

Still searching for the dream rim? Then take a look here: The AEZ rim configurator is an ideal aid in finding the perfect match.

Over 1000 vehicle models are stored here in 3D and 360-degree view and immediately show how a specific rim harmonises with your vehicle. You're sure to find what you're looking for: AEZ produces around 1.2 million alloy wheels annually – from 17 to 22 inches.


Always on board: The tyre pressure monitoring system TPMS

Legally required for new cars since 2014, all AEZ wheels naturally meet the requirements for continuous tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS = Tyre Pressure Monitoring System).

Moreover, we offer tailor-made industry solutions for our partners: In addition to sensors and assembly or diagnostic tools, comprehensive advice and the TPMS configurator are available for optimal adjustments and problem-solving.

We wish you a good start to the new rim season!

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