Fast lane to a new rim

AEZ is here to help

As comfortable as Birkenstock sandals may be, they don’t exactly go well with a suit. An Oxford lace-up shoe looks elegant in any setting, but it doesn’t go with sweatpants. As you can see, footwear always makes a big difference and is the accessory that allows you to showcase your individual style and add personal accents.

Similarly, the wheels or rims of a car can make a major visual difference when chosen correctly. Whether it’s the finishing touch with a wow factor or an inconspicuous round object in the wheel well, the right rim significantly contributes to the overall impression.


Huge selection

Just like shoes, wheels are a popular means of customisation and above all, they are affordable. AEZ’s state-of-the-art production facilities in Neuenrade, North Rhine-Westphalia, ensure that the price is not the only thing that’s right; the quality is also guaranteed.

At the Neuenrade site, 1.2 million alloy wheels, ranging from 14 to 22 inches, are manufactured per year for cars, off-roaders, SUVs, BEVs, hybrids, or light trucks. The high-bay warehouse in Balve and twelve regional warehouses ensure that approximately one million wheels are always immediately available at dealers.

The configurator assists

Currently, over a thousand vehicle models are available in 3D and 360° in the configurator. The abundance of data does not come at the expense of quality: For each vehicle, the software specialists have calculated 52 images, resulting in a level of realism and fluidity in the representation that is unparalleled. In addition, AEZ impresses with a high-quality display down to the smallest detail and 100% verified technical data. You can simply enter a vehicle category, a brand, or a model, and the matching wheels will be displayed automatically.


But you can also do without it

Even without HSN/TSN vehicle identification numbers it’s worth visiting the AEZ rim configurator because you can start by searching for great rim designs and get inspired. A visit to AEZ’s social media channels on Instagram and Facebook is also helpful as AEZ customers showcase the wheels they have chosen for their cars. It’s worth browsing around because it’s clear to see the difference a carefully selected wheel can make and how much it also depends on the specific colour scheme.

In AEZ’s 3D configurator, you can even test in advance how the selected rim will look on your own car. Just give it a try, it’s quick and highly enlightening!


Almost there

Found your dream wheel? Off to the dealer! Here too, AEZ helps with a simple internet search to find the right dealer nearby.

Since all AEZ wheels have a VTA and/or an ECE certificate, the new wheels can be quickly fitted. Now you can take a picture and upload it to AEZ on Instagram or Facebook. And of course, feedback is always welcome.

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