Forward-looking, dynamic duo

Alaska dark meets the Audi e-tron GT

Premium manufacturer AEZ has developed the Alaska alloy wheel specifically for the e-sports car segment. The innovative multi-spoke adds even more elegance and sportiness to a futuristic premium car such as the Audi e-tron GT.

The Audi e-tron GT offers pure electric driving pleasure. With its exceptional design and innovative technology, such as intelligent thermal management, this fully electrically powered sports car conceptually combines everything that characterizes a sporty vehicle.


Dynamic presence in various sizes

The dynamic presence of this Audi is visually underlined by the AEZ Alaska dark alloy wheel. Straight lines, a compact centre section, and distinctive details, especially in the outer area of the rim, give this wheel a maximum of dynamism and elegance.

The AERO ring with its asymmetrical structure emphasises the powerful design and provides additional weight optimization with the recess. In dimensions ranging from 9x20 inches to 11.5x21 inches, the AEZ Alaska dark offers a precise and free-of-registration ECE fitment for this top-of-the-range e-sports car. Plug&Drive – it couldn't be easier.



Resilient thanks to innovative coating

This wheel remains worry-free even during the guaranteed return of the dark winter season. Like all AEZ rims, the Alaska dark is easily usable in winter thanks to the innovative SRC coating. Salt spray and snow cannot harm the corrosion-resistant rim.


Experience AEZ rims visually in the 3D configurator

For those who are now curious and want to see how AEZ rims would look on their car, suitable alloy wheels can be found on the AEZ website. These can be digitally fitted onto the desired car using the AEZ 3D rim configurator, allowing you to experience the visual enhancement.

For more information about AEZ’s exclusive wheels, you can also check out the content videos on YouTube.

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