Clean summer ride

Win with AEZ and FRAGO

Summer’s here, the sun is out, the car is shining and the rims are sparkling... Or not? For obvious reasons, we cannot command the weather, however, we do have some life hacks up our sleeves for a clean car and sparkly rims.

As rim manufacturers, this topic is very dear to our hearts, which is why AEZ is raffling off premium car and rim care products and cleaning aids from FRAGO, the specialist for expert car care. Because one thing’s for sure: A car that is clean from head to toe makes for an even happier summer ride.


Spick and span, step by step

-- First, clean your car’s paint surface thoroughly, preferably using the Profi car wash brush, the 10-litre wash bucket with strainer, the “Wax Shampoo F07”, and the micro-fibre wash mitt – all from FRAGO.

Make sure to rinse wash mitt and brush after every step to protect the paint and to use plenty of shampoo and water.

- Next up are the rims. Keep in mind that proper rim cleaning is always about manual work. Never use a “scrub sponge” or sharp objects!

- Then apply the FRAGO rim cleaner “Wheels Cleaner F13” which is especially thorough and gentle owing to its acid-free formula. Since front rims usually carry the most dirt due to their location, they should be sprayed first with F13 before tackling the rear axle. Leave the product on for three minutes and rinse with clear water, preferably using a high-pressure water blaster, always ensuring a minimum distance of roughly 50cm. For more stubborn dirt, use the FRAGO wash brush or micro-fibre wash mitt which should be rinsed out thoroughly prior to use.


- Dry the rims with a micro-fibre cloth to avoid water stains.

- Once the rims are clean all-round, we attend to the tyres and other rubber components. The silicone-free “Gummi Gloss F09” from FRAGO not only brings back the original blackness, it also increases malleability and prevents the premature ageing of rubber components.

Simply spray F09 on tyres or rubber components, or apply it using a sponge, for example, preferably the FRAGO tyre care pad which perfectly hugs the tyre wall with its rounded side.

Fancy a free wash? With a little bit of luck, you won’t have to pay for the equipment. AEZ is raffling off a complete care set consisting of a wash bucket, rim wash brush, tyre care pad, “Wheels Cleaner F13”, “Gummi Gloss F09”, “Wax Shampoo F07”, and wash mitt – all from FRAGO. Check out our Instagram account for more information and the raffle. We wish all participants the best of luck!

If you haven’t yet found the perfect rim, take a look at the AEZ rim configurator and get introduced to an entire world of different rim models for cars of all types and sizes.

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