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The Cupra is widely considered Seat’s sporty offshoot. Since 2018, Cupra has been operating as a proprietary brand, focusing on sportiness while going for a powerful look. With the Born, Cupra is launching its first all-electric car which, technically, is closely related to the VW ID.3, whereas in terms of design it varies significantly from its group sibling.

The racy Spaniard has an ideal playmate in the AEZ Porto black which, due to its high payload in excess of 800kg, is especially suitable for e-models sporting heavy batteries. With its detailed and slightly mysterious design, it harmonises beautifully with the extrovertly styled Born, as you can see clearly in this video. In the fitted dimension 8x20, ET45 with 215/45 tyres, the combination looks very sportive, fully in line with Cupra Born’s inner values.

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Keen corning and agility

The Spaniard featuring copper accents throughout, is a veritable athlete with good manners and powerful acceleration. If it were a VW it would justifiably bear the GTI symbol. The sportive set-up is part of the juicy “Spanish spice mix” typical of every Cupra. The chassis is snappy but so finely balanced that the suspension comfort is not compromised.


Steering also has more grip and is sharper than in the ID.3. In short: For an all-electric car, the Cupra Born is surprisingly eager to dive into bends mainly due to its lowered ride height and the perfectly balanced 50-50 weight distribution.

It’s safe to say that the Born corners keenly and, by the way, is also equipped with fully disconnectable electronic stability control (ESP). Thanks to the dynamically designed AEZ Porto black, the look fits right in with the agile handling.

Healthy acceleration, good traction

The rear-wheel drive is currently available in two trims and battery sizes. The range starts with a 150-kW (204PS) and 58-kWh battery, with one level up featuring the identical battery version with 170kW. Additional battery variants with 45kWh and 77kWh will be on sale later this year as will the 110-kW base powertrain. With 170kW that are generated by a synchronous motor with a permanent magnet located above the rear axle, the Spaniard has plenty of spirit.


For the sprint to 100km/h the Cupra takes a lean 6.6 seconds, the rated range is 420 kilometres. Owing to the eager, instantaneously available torque of 310Nm and the linear acceleration characteristic of most e-cars, the thrust feels especially powerful.

The Cupra Born’s highlight, however, is the e-Boost feature which provides increased, momentary performance via a button on the steering wheel, for example, for overtaking maneuvers.

Top fit for daily use

The front and back space in the Cupra Born is pretty decent, with large door cut-outs facilitating getting in and off. When the backseat rest is folded down, the stowage space expands from 385 to a practical 1,267 litres. Many assist systems and safety features together make for a highly well-tuned chassis for safe driving. Also, there’s no reason for range anxiety because the optional navigation system automatically plans the necessary charging stops for you.

You could use those breaks to admire the harmonious combination of AEZ Porto black and Cupra Born in your own time. Or you could check out more attractive rim models in the AEZ rim configurator. If you want to know about the latest rim trends or the most coveted combinations in the AEZ community, the AEZ social media channels (YouTube, Instagram and Facebook) will take you there.

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