Thrilling wheels for electric cars

… High load in strong demand

E-mobility continues to pick up pace. Now, nearly every renowned manufacturer is offering fully electric cars in various classes. Mid-size SUVs are especially popular at the moment, also the ones that run on fuel, which is why, the three mid-size SUVs from BMW, Skoda and Volvo – well-suited for families and daily use – fit right in and will find congenial partners in the high load-bearing capacity rims AEZ Porto (dark & black) and Panama (dark & high gloss) which have been developed especially for heavy-weight e-cars.

The comfort-conscious Skoda Enyaq

The popular Skoda brand stands for both technically and visually fetching cars with a well-conceived suitability for daily use and an exceedingly fair cost-benefit ratio. The Enyaq takes the exact same line, being a rear-wheel-driven mid-size SUV that is available in different-sized batteries (52, 58 and 77kWh) while the WLTP range varies between 362 and 541km. The neatly manufactured Enyaq combines handsome space with city-suitable agility and good long-distance comfort.

The solid appearance of the Czech two-tonner is further enhanced by the cross-spoked Porto rim which is a perfect match for e-cars of this calibre. The rim’s design is classically two-toned (gunmetal front-polished) or modern (black matte), the dimensions range from 18 to 21 inches. Thanks to the respective VTA and ECE approvals, the Porto can be used free of trouble especially for electric (BEV), hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) cars.

The cabin of the 4.64 metres long Enyaq has a generous layout, the boot can swallow up to 1710 litres if the seat backrest is folded. With five passengers aboard, there’s still space for at least 585 litres. The control is state-of-the art, featuring a central touchscreen and the VW-known sliders while Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connect mobile phones and onboard infotainment.


The dynamic BMW iX3

The iX3, described by BMW as their electric version of the successful X3 SUV line, is slightly bigger than the Skoda Enyaq. The renowned, dynamic X3 featuring high seating has passed on its genes to the fully electric iX3 as is exemplified by the adaptive suspension that goes from comfortable to sporty at the touch of a button along with lowering the centre of gravity, compared to the petrol-run version, by 7.5cm. The iX3 has a maximum power of 210kW (286hp) supplied by an 80kWh battery. As a result, the e-BMW weighing in excess of 2.2 tons can show off some highly dynamic moves.

The cross-spoked Panama rim acts as a bridge between the dynamic appearance and an extra-tough impression, with its premium finish harmonizing greatly with the highly modern mid-size SUV iX3. The high bearing load of 1025kg is a perfect match for premium SUVs and BEVs alike. With an ECE approval in tow, the 20-inch Panama can be fitted free-of-registration.

With a length of 4.73 metres and a boot volume between 510 and 1560 litres, passengers and luggage have plenty of space in the highly individually adjustable cabin. The standard bucket seats hold the body of driver and front-seat passenger snug in place. Numerous assist systems increase safety, and with the navigation and smart cruise control being interconnected, the iX3 manages its energy very well.


The confident Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric

Volvo has also accepted the challenges of e-mobility and is planning to sell roughly half of its cars as full BEVs by 2025, starting with the XC40 which is also in the SUV midfield and weighs roughly 2.2 tons. With its distinct “Swedish” design, it slightly sets itself apart from the competition, and with an additional rear-axle engine the XC40 is also available as an all-wheel drive. It has a maximum power of 300kW (408hp), guaranteeing a confident driving performance.

With a deadweight of 2.2 tons, even the electric Volvo XC40 puts special requirements on the load-bearing capacity of the wheels, which are effortlessly met by the AEZ Panama dark with a load of 1025kg. The concave cross-spoke with the dual-tone finish in gunmetal front-polished in 19 inches can be used free-of-registration due to ECE approval.

The highly pleasing interior space of the XC40 has ample space for passengers and luggage, the used materials live up to their premium promise. The 78kWh battery pack is said to manage up to 428km after WLTP, as a special feature, BEV owners can order a coupling device directly from Volvo allowing them to pull their boat trailer or mobile home (up to 1500kg of towed weight).


All models can be perfectly combined with rims from the AEZ range. Thanks to the approvals and certifications usually offered by AEZ, the fitting can mostly be done free-of-registration. It pays off to take a peek in the AEZ rim configurator to find matching models.
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