Feels like going up a class



Dignified elegance with a generous pinch of sportiness – in its most recent avatar, the Mercedes C-Class embodies the classic Mercedes traits while boasting a plethora of dynamic visual accents. The most recent creation from the house of AEZ, the AEZ Berlin, has been specially developed for the steadfast design language of the star-studded brand.

Its clear-cut multi-spoke design with the artfully intertwined spokes at the base is a perfect match for the look of the new C-Class: The classic and sublime construction is enriched by its make that harbours a few surprising details – as is the case with the latest Mercedes C-Class.



AMG flair

For the C-Class, on the one hand, relies on its tried and tested design while bringing in new, powerful accents – both in the interior and exterior. For one thing, there’s the central star in the grille, replacing the small one on the bonnet. With the dominant power domes, which had been reserved for the AMG variations, the C-Class takes a giant step towards sportiness.

The rear has also undergone a face-lift, making its proportions much more athletic. Here, the two-part rear lights are an optical highlight, adding a certain finesse to the overall appearance of the rear. Similarly, the AEZ Berlin dark convinces with its black front-polished look: Here, too, a sporty attitude merges with refined contrasting effects which may reveal themselves only at a second glance.

Fit for winter thanks to SRC

“A beautiful wheel“, some may think, but winter is just around the corner. “That’s perfect”, should be the proper reply because thanks to the extremely robust SRC finish the AEZ Berlin dark is particularly suitable to get wheels through their toughest season of the year. In the dimensions shown in the picture, 7.5x19 inches in the front with tyres in 255/40 as well as 9x19 inches with 255/35 tyres in the rear, the C-Class and the AEZ Berlin dark seem to blend into one harmonious unit that can take on whatever the road throws at them. As always, the AEZ rim configurator offers many other attractive sizes to explore.


A touch of C-Klass

The larger cabin of the latest C-Class oozes a top-of-the-range flair as Mercedes treats its exceedingly popular long runner to a few S-Class details including, for example, the new screen, which seems to be floating in front of the centre console just like in the luxury flagship, and the steering wheel in the double-spoke design, also an S-Class feature.

Comfortable four-cylinder

Despite the sportier look, the latest C-Class, available as a saloon and station wagon “T model”, remains true to its comfortable driving style. You can select from petrol and diesel engines with four cylinders all of which are combined with a 48-Volt starter-generator. Together with the very soft-acting nine-speed automatic transmission, this model offers both energy-efficient cruising and a 15-kW boost support as well as 200 Nm torque. Furthermore, a plug-in hybrid featuring a 95-kW e-engine with a 100-km range is also available.

What’s rare in this class is the optional rear-axle steering, enabling the C-Class to be more agile (at lower speeds) and more stable (on motorways). Optionally, the more powerful engines are also available as all-wheel drives.

Would you like to get a sneak preview of the AEZ Berlin dark? Simply check out the AEZ rim configurator by entering your car data, allowing you to see the new wheels on your own ride. The rim configurator also provides plenty of other useful and informative data.

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