The journey is the destination

on tour with aez

AEZ always raises the bar, offering quality “Made in Germany” in addition to trendy, extravagant designs in combination with the highest technical precision.

The free-of-registration multi-spokes talent, the AEZ Steam, meets all of these attributes and is ready to strike a new path.

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Riding into a new adventure, getting away from it all, and growing beyond set limits, that’s the sense of life AEZ stands for. Caught in the daily workings of the wheel of life, the AEZ Steam breaks free from everyday life, tirelessly spinning along the fabulous coastal road of Pag in its sporty cruise. This wheel perfects the wheel of life through motion because it doesn’t like to stand still, in keeping with the motto of breaking fresh ground and enjoying the freedom and carelessness of a trip into the blue.

The AEZ film crew was on the hot trail of life, successfully capturing pure lust for life in the image video thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology complete with drone and car rig.

AEZ Steam BMW 4

In the video, the AEZ Steam comes into its own, especially due to its sporty-aggressive turbine look which is further enhanced by the 15 edgy spokes and the stepped centre area together with a five-fold decorative bore.

In addition to the unique design, the AEZ Steam stands out from the masses owing to its elegant and trendy gunmetal front-polished colouring.

AEZ Steam BMW 4

Thanks to a wide variety of application possibilities and the free-of-registration fitting by means of an ECE approval, the multi-spokes wheel is popular with a great number of car models. Furthermore, the staggered wheel fitment is trending among many car owners.

In this context, the AEZ Steam also provides all options that are possible by the series combination of the respective car. Models of the brands Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Land Rover, Volvo or Alfa Romeo in particular, require no centring rings when fitted.

AEZ Steam BMW 4

With the AEZ Steam, you have a reliable companion to blow off steam, unwind and simply enjoy the ride.
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