Innovation down to the last detail

Athletic AEZ rims add the final touch to sporty newcomers

Current trends show that in 2021 sporty models with a lot of power will continue to be in high demand. AEZ presents three new cars featuring a mix of sporty coupé contours, plenty of interior space comfort and an athletic character. If you you’re going for state-of-the-art, you will find the perfect match for these models in the AEZ Aruba and AEZ Panama, two highly load-bearing and powerful rims.


More dynamic and individually adjustable

The new AUDI Q5 Sportback grabs the spotlight thanks to OLED technology. The impressive light stagings change according to the driving mode and are equipped with proximity detection sensors.

The AUDI Q5 owes its confident appearance to the dynamic contours which are further enhanced by the AEZ Panama dark in 8x20 ET 39.

With a load-bearing capacity of 1,025 kg, the AEZ wheel in the modern cross-spoke look is a strong partner that can be fitted free of registration thanks to VTA and ECE approvals.

The passenger cabin also oozes sporty elegance. In addition to top-quality materials and stylish control elements, there is plenty of space for a comfortable ride with a group of five.

Audi drive select allows for various driving mode settings that can be selected individually according to each driving style. Thanks to the standard all-wheel drive using ultra technology, your driving pleasure will be as precise as it gets. The various Audi connect services help you obtain information about the current traffic situation, the nearest gas stations or potential destinations.




Traveling silently

If you want the new Polestar 2 to glide along truly noiselessly, you need a reliable partner that can implement the driving dynamics perfectly.

The AEZ Panama high gloss 8.5x20 has been developed specially for premium SUVs, effortlessly carrying the crossover SUV. The concave cross-spoke design promises precision down to the last details, much like the Polestar 2 that places the focus on purposeful elements.

In the interior of the new Polestar electric car you’re close to the elements. The panorama roof gives an open-air feeling, shutting out road noise. An innovative sound system turns the passenger cabin into a sound arena.

The performance is remarkable, thanks to two electric engines, each boasting 150 kW power on the front and rear axle. The Polestar accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. If you need to hit the breaks it will happen efficiently, because the electric engines brake and at the same time recharge the battery. Fully charged, this car has a range of 400 km.

Polestar2 AEZ Panama high gloss

Sophisticated pair

The sporty AEZ Aruba guarantees complete driving pleasure in combination with the right car. The new Cupra Formentor is in perfect harmony with the AEZ V-spoke wheel in 8.5x21 inches, because owing to its exceptional, slim contours it embodies agility and sportiness.

The Cupra Formentor 2.0 TSI with 310 hp is driven by a four-cylinder engine with turbo charger and direct injection. The sport mode promises a motor racing feel, and thanks to the artificially generated engine sounds, the ambient noise is spot on when this model accelerates from 0 to 100 in under 5 seconds.

Smart drive assist systems guarantee a safe and care-free ride. An adaptive chassis, traffic sign detection and a lane departure warning system are standard. With the 12-inch touchscreen you have an eye on everything and can control the infotainment system with your voice or gestures.

Cupra Formentor AEZ Aruba dark

All models can be combined with rims from the AEZ range.

Thanks to the approvals and certifications expected of AEZ, you can fit your wheels free of registration for most models. It pays off to take a look into the AEZ rim configurator to find the right AEZ models.

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