Winter is coming – bringing roadsalt in its wake.

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At www.sr3-saltlab.com car owners enter a special kind of laboratory where alloy rims are tested for winter use under the toughest conditions.

Wet and cold, and roadsalt. The battle has entered the next round!

It’s hard to shake the rumour that alloy rims should not be used in snow and ice. That’s why, once again, ALCAR has employed the services of the “tester”, this time making the conditions even tougher. Be it a 120-kg snow cannon, a road salter or a 20-kg ice block. Will the alloy rim withstand the tough tests? The Saltlab online information campaign does away with a long-standing false information in a humorous way. See and experience for yourself that roadsalt is snows of yesteryear for ALCAR alloy wheels since the resistance of the “wheel well enhancers” is unbroken. Within the ALCAR brand world you can find your desired rim, especially for the cold season.

Visit the alloy rim tests of superlatives at: www.sr3-saltlab.com

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Saltlab raffle

As a bonus, with a little bit of luck, you have the opportunity to win your desired rim set to become an SR3 paint tester. Become an expert and answer a “scientific” question – a brief study is all it takes, in this case at sr3-saltlab.com