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The ten high-sheen spokes shimmer differently depending on how the light falls, and present an invitation for the next adventure. Especially when idle, the rim symbolizes the urge for movement.

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Dimensions Details & Sizes

PCD7,5 x 178,0 x 188,0 x 19
5/1124040, 48 -
5/114.338, 4545 -
ZollPCDOffset (ET)
7,5 X 175/108.045
 5/112.040, 48
 5/114.338, 45
8,0 X 185/108.045
 5/112.040, 48
 5/114.334, 38, 45
8,0 X 195/108.045
 5/112.040, 45
 5/114.335, 38, 45
 5/120.035, 43

Technical specifications AEZ Reef

Full steam ahead: AEZ Reef, the wheel for real car buffs. Its black lacquer in the rim well and the ten gloss-turned spokes make for very individual visual effects, especially when SUV drivers seek adventures. Even when standing still, the spokes swung towards the centre show all their dynamism, as does the interplay of light and dark and straight and bent surfaces. Never split a winning team. The AEZ Reef with its unique design underscores any of an SUV’s many uses. For the big players in this category, like the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 or BMW X5, you can also get the rim as the AEZ Reef SUV.

AEZ Reef Highlights