Antigua dark

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Always another step forward with bravado. Matte black stands for the mystic and elegance – two terms that make for a fine description of the AEZ Antigua which has been developed especially for BMW, and together they are reaching for perfection.

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Dimensions Details & Sizes

PCD8,0 x 188,5 x 198,5 x 209,5 x 199,5 x 20
5/12020, 3018, 25, 333332, 4040
ZollPCDOffset (ET)
8,0 X 185/120.014, 20, 30
8,5 X 195/120.012, 18, 25, 33
9,5 X 195/120.017, 23, 28, 32, 40
8,5 X 205/120.012, 24, 33
9,5 X 205/120.016, 40

Technical specifications AEZ Antigua dark

In visual terms, the matt-black AEZ flagship is a strikingly stylish piece that also conveys the impression of having been specially developed for BMW high-end automobiles. The designers and engineers exclusively focused upon the 5, 6 and 7-series and what their drivers might want: The classic cross spoke receives a new and slightly more sporty interpretation, starting with the ten slim spokes that unfold towards the rim well. It is continued with the visually light and dynamic centre and ends with the cast AEZ logotype. Depending upon how you look at it, the space between the spokes looks either pentagonal or hexagonal. In matt black, this wheel has a powerful presence indeed and seems to want to be “on the road”, no matter what.

AEZ Antigua dark Highlights