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high gloss
Especially for BMW. The narrow, Y-shaped spokes are a new interpretation of the classic cross-spoke design that, owing to its concave construction, offers maximum depth. VTA certifications are available for many BMW models..

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Dimensions Details & Sizes

PCD8,0 x 188,5 x 198,5 x 209,5 x 199,5 x 20
5/12020, 3025, 333328, 32, 4040
ZollPCDOffset (ET)
8,0 X 185/120.014, 20, 30
8,5 X 195/120.018, 25, 33
9,5 X 195/120.017, 23, 28, 32, 40
8,5 X 205/120.012, 33
9,5 X 205/120.040

Technical specifications AEZ Antigua

The AEZ Antigua has been developed for large BMW models specifically. The designers and engineers focused upon the 5-, 6- and 7-series only. These are prestigious cars, whose technology radiates innovation and nobility, and the AEZ Antigua fits them perfectly: The classic cross spoke receives a new, even more racy interpretation. This starts with the ten slim spokes running in 3D, if you will, down to the rim. It is continued in the visually light and dynamic centre and ends with the AEZ logotype. The space between the spokes is perceived as either a pentagon or a hexagon, depending on the perspective.

AEZ Antigua Highlights