AEZ Yacht dark SUV

AEZ Yacht dark SUV

8,5 x 18 | 8,5 x 19 | 9,0 x 20
GLOSSY BLACK Yacht dark SUV – the successful wheel for big dimensions The successful design comes across best in form of the AEZ Yacht dark SUV. Its dynamic shape underscores very special cars’ sporty and striking character. The dark look makes for an assertive and elegant appearance, with the five spokes serving as an eye-catcher. Thanks to the geometry of the spokes with their deep-cut ribbings, the wheel leaves a powerful impression in every dimension (from 18 to 21 inches). The recessed centre supports the dynamic curvature of the spokes and makes the wheel appear even stronger. The Yacht dark SUV emphasizes extraordinary SUVs’ design and sets the right course.

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AEZ Yacht dark SUV - Dimensions & Data

8,5 x 18 | 8,5 x 19 | 9,0 x 20


Data Yacht dark SUV BL*: 8,5 x 18

Offset (ET):

* BL = Black