Lara Vadlau and Jolanta Ogar outpaced everybody at the Sailing World Cup in Haifa and won the gold medal again. After silver 2013 off La Rochelle and Gold in the previous year in Santander Lara Vadlau (21) and Jolanta Ogar (33) won Gold again and therefore can call the third World Championship medal in a row their own. Even a flu that bow woman Jolanta Ogar has caught and struggled with in the f ...

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Regain position

Regain Position Austria Women sailors Lara Vadlau and Jolanta Ogar did not quite find the ideal line at the World Cup of the coast of Weymouth (GB), but with a Top10 position the result is still positive.

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Lara Vadlau back on board

The Austrian Olympic sailing teams are back in their boats. Some get their match practice, the others work off the Rio coast. After their seven-week sailing break Lara Vadlau is back on the water.

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World Champion

Lara Vadlau and Jolanta Ogar the two top sailors sponsored by AEZ alloy wheels realised a dream and won the world champion ship in the 470 Woman´s class....

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Perfect Comeback

Kiel Week 2014 is history for the Olympic classes. The 120th edition of the classic regatta that was advertised with five days of sailing, fell due to the wind conditions from a little lean. On Tuesday, the entire program was blown away by the storm and yesterday compromises had to be made due to little to no wind.

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Title defended

Markus Wieser wins for the second time in a row the Champions Cup of the Champions The launch on Saturday was followed by one of the most furious storms in the history of cult thrillers Regatta on Sunday: ...

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Constant success

Lara Vadlau and Jolanta Ogar win the European Sailing Cup at La Rochelle. The European Sailing Cup final at La Rochelle presented itself effective in the public because close to the shore....

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Markus Wieser wins deliberately the Dragon Gold Cup 2013  After six days of sailing and six races the best team was finally able to take the coveted Dragon Gold Cup at reception: ...

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Once again precious metal

In the women´s discipline the AEZ sponsored Lara Vadlau and Jolanta Ogar once again made it on the podium....

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Silver Medal

The AEZ sponsored young talent Lara Vadlau together with Jolanta Ogar secured the silver medal in their European Championship debut in the 470 sailing class. The women s final of the Open 470 European Championships, where eight qualified teams from seven nations, sailed off Formia (ITA), offered a breeze and everything your heart desires....

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AEZ GC32 Youth Sailing team

was the positive surprise at the world premiere of the GC32 series on the Traunsee Regardless of the Ice Saints which controlled theTraunsee area, there was a hot hull to hull fighting at the Allianz Traunsee Week. ...

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Traunsee Sailing Week

AEZ Sailing Team GC 32: Pure High-speed at lake Traunsee With the GC32-Class the currently fastest and most modern form of the regatta sailing comes to the Lake Traunsee in Austria. ...

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LIGHT AND SHADOW The World Cup of the coast of Miami requires a lot of mental work and is nothing for weak nerves. .....

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