A snowstorm at ground level

AEZ Winter Movie_730_Titel.jpg

The best about the AEZ Straight dark

“Action!“: The new AEZ clip show the AEZ Straight dark (graphite matt) wheels in an amazing wintry setting and in action-packed driving scenes. In a beautiful snow-covered landscape, these elegant alloy wheels create a momentous snow storm at ground level and withstand any drift. Their first-class painting is a must here, always protecting them against road salt and other harsh winter conditions. The AEZ Straight dark is an all-rounder in any season – robust, dynamic and elegant. The Straight dark underscores the elegance of the black Audi TT, here in the clip showing its mettle.

Hold all the trumpsl

But the Straight dark also come with convincing technical specs, not to mention their dimensions, which make them the ideal choice for high-performance cars with a staggered fitment

Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAO0Xp9uJoA