AEZ Forged.Series Forged in the breath of fire


The premium class of light alloy wheels
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AEZ Forged.Series Forged in the breath of fire

Tradition and modernism often lie close to each other. Sometimes they are even combined in one, ultimate product. With the AEZ Forged.Series, AEZ has entered the premium class of light alloy wheels. The AEZ Steam.forged is the first AEZ forged wheel with ECE approval, making it completely free of approval to the Tesla Motors S and X models.

Forged aluminium wheels have a long tradition. The automotive industry initiated first tests as early as in the 1930s. Ever since then, a lot has happened.

Forged alloy wheels have their origin in racing and motorsports. As reasons we can cite high stability, a very low weight and, as a result, perfect suitability for the sporty rider. This gives the forged wheel an advantage over cast alloy wheels, and despite higher costs many car owners get convinced because the forged wheel embodies ultimate refinement.

  • AEZ uses only the best ingredients for its forged rims
  • Base material is a 6061 aluminium casting alloy
  • Base material contains less than 1% silicon for a glossier wheel
  • Special ceramic finish - the wheels are glossier than cast rims

AEZ Forging technologyRounded design

Go with the flow: flow forming

In the next step, the aluminium preforms are drawn and rolled into the final rim form using the flow forming method. This is done by applying heat (approx. 350 degrees Celsius) to obtain the desired shape.

The design: CNC
Every rim receives its final design in a CNC-controlled rolling and milling machine. The design is milled in this process step, which gives each rim its final property and look. This is followed by the removal of ridges in a deburring step done by hand. Ridges are sharp edges that are formed in a processing or manufacturing step, fraying or chippings of a metallic work piece. In total, this process takes roughly five hours.

The final touch: ceramic finish and paint

As regards the AEZ Steam.forged series every wheel gets a top-quality ceramic finish. The rim is "fired at" by many small ceramic balls and thereby polished. Afterwards, each rim is protected with a double clearcoat as the first barrier against weather and physical influences.

AEZ QUALITYAdvantages of forged alloy rims

As is clearly seen from the graph, forged rims have very high material thickness. As a result, forged aluminium wheels achieve a significantly higher strength at low wall thickness, which in turn is demonstrated in a lower weight of the end product as compared to cast rims. In addition to this, the surface condition is of higher quality


AEZ Forged Series

  • Premium design rims
  • Extremely sophisticated manufacturing process
  • First forged wheel for TESLA cars with ECE approval
  • Top-quality base material 6061 T6 (used in aviation industry)
  • Weight reduction approx. 30% due to higher material density
  • Thinner spokes achieved by recessed spokes
  • Stronger gloss effect due to a silicon amount of just 0.8%
  • Highest quality ceramic polish with double clearcoat
For future requirements in the premium automotive sector AEZ develops additional applications, and continuously expands its forged wheels product portfolio.