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How an aluminium bar becomes a design rim

Rims are still one of the most popular and simple ways of putting some oomph into one’s car. We usually get into our cars without ever giving a thought to their bearers. To put it crudely, the wheels are the feet of a car. If a foot is tilted or even injured it results in a continuous change of geometry. Therefore, premium alloy wheel manufacturer AEZ is committed to the highest quality requirements. Not only do they correspond to legal regulations, they even exceed them. “Made in Germany” is not just a marketing gag – it stands for highest quality and maximum safety.

Before you select your desired rim have a look at the information below and find out what really counts.

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Rim Width

The rim width describes the inner distance of the two rim flanges. It also denotes the nominal width of a rim.


The flange is the thickened outer or inner edge of a rim. On a car, the outer edge is used to attach the counterbalancing weights.


The hump prevents the tyre from slipping off the alloy rim under the influence of strong lateral forces (e.g. cornering) and an associated sudden loss of air pressure. Various versions are available.

Pitch circle diameter/number of holes

States the diameter or the number of the bolts mounted to the wheel hub of the respective car.

Centre hole diameter

In an effort to remain as flexible as possible, AEZ uses reduction rings. This means that a single hole in the rim enables the use of several (basic ring system) centre hole diameters.

Valve hole

Serves to mount the air valve through which the tyre is filled with the relevant air pressure.

Offset (ET)

Marks the distance between the hub-mounting surface and the rim’s true centreline. This measure is very important as it determines the positioning of the wheel on a car.

Rim description

e.g. 7.5Jx17H2

7.5....Nominal width (rim width)

J.......Size of the rim flange

17.....Nominal diameter of the wheel

H2.... Double hump (individual hump design)

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AEZ light alloy rims are manufactured using the permanent mold casting method. This type of casting differentiates between gravity and low-pressure casting. In both cases the mold is filled with a molten aluminium alloy. Once the wheel is cast the mold is removed and each wheel reworked and finished hand-made. A permanent mold is manufactured from steel and can be used more than 80,000 times for a single wheel design.

Work Teaser

The history of a wheel begins with the design idea.

A product design specification is evolved which contains the basic definition and optimal performance of the design and the technical construction of the wheel.


Top-quality base materials are a prerequisite for best quality. Therefore, AEZ uses only aluminium from certified suppliers. Tested under the toughest conditions, each AEZ rim, naturally, gets a TÜV certificate, ensuring safety in daily use.

The most important tests

The radial fatigue test simulates the lateral forces acting on the wheel during cornering. The rolling test simulates the load of a wheel when driving straight ahead. The impact test simulates contacting the boardwalk, and during the final trial ride every vehicle available on the market is tested with the different wheels, determining the correct offset, tyres and requirements.

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How well AEZ alloy wheels are protected thanks to the SR3 paint is revealed by, for example, the salt spray test on a scratched surface in accordance with CASS and the fact that all paints are pre-tested for corrosion resistance by independent, external labs in accordance with ECE-R124. The test is a 300-hour “hell” of stone chips, salt, acetic acid and copper chloride

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Since November 1, 2014, an EU Directive rules that all new passenger car models must be equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Since early 2012, all AEZ wheels have been prepared to include the required wireless sensors (direct TPMS), and the relevant information is noted down in the TÜV certificates.

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A snow chain fitted according to regulations poses no problems to an AEZ wheel. Depending on the respective car, at AEZ we make sure that “ease of movement for snow chains” is established in the TÜV certificate already.
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The best and most durable of paints cannot replace one thing – alloy wheel care. Under no circumstances aggressive chemicals, abrasive cleaners and the like are to be used. These may impair appearance and the rim material. When storing rims, they should be cleaned first and kept in a dry place.


Every interference in the rim material (heating, welding, material addition, even engravings, etchings and grinding) changes the material properties. This invalidates the strength test certificate and warranty. As a result, the wheel owner loses all liability and warranty claims. Owing to these facts and due to our responsibility towards our customers we strongly advise against any rim repairs.