AEZ Valencia dark

AEZ Valencia dark

7,0 x 16 | 8,0 x 18 | 8,5 x 19 | 9,5 x 19 | 8,5 x 20 | 9,5 x 20
FRONT POLISHED / SHINY BLACK 21 spokes for more elegance and a dynamic appearance The Valencia dark is a particularly classy alloy wheel with a multi-spoke design. With a reduced number of spokes and a sharply polished middle area in contrast with black parts – it is by no means inferior to the prototype wheel with regards to style and design. The pronounced attention to detail makes the Valencia dark a real "must have" for friends of special designs: the front-polished spokes run in an elegant curve from the recessed centre to the outside and then blend into the alloy rim. In-between a polished AEZ logo shines. This extraordinary wheel contrasts against the black inside of the spokes and the alloy bed.

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7,0 x 16 | 8,0 x 18 | 8,5 x 19 | 9,5 x 19 | 8,5 x 20 | 9,5 x 20


Data Valencia dark BLPO*: 7,0 x 16


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* BLPO = Black/polished