A classic and a multi-talent

The model from the 5 Series enhanced by the latest wheel from the house of AEZ.

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New Year. New rules.

What will change for motorists in 2018?

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Take a round on the wheel of time…

Before 2018 kicks off properly, let us look back on an edgy year.

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AEZ Steam & Steam graphite

The new, free of approval, multi-spokes talent.

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FAQ Winter Rims

Due to the copious possibilities, today only the so-called base parameters are stated in the car documents even though many different wheel/tyre combinations are allowed. Especially as regards winter rims buyers have to take a second look in order to clarify the main questions.

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AEZ Design Offensive 2018

AEZ Design Offensive 2018. All brand new rims at a glance. After the success of the AEZ Crest dark in 2017, AEZ in 2018 follows suit with the AEZ Crest in high gloss. The cross-spoke design has long been a classic in the rim market and thus AEZ offers its customers an extension of the possibilities.

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Angel or devil

Doesn't matter – the AEZ online Advent calendar is for everyone!

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Car Specific Wheels

AEZ offers diversity.

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Sleek and rough around the edges

The AEZ rim Crest dark gives the BMW 530d M-Performance extra confidence.

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The new AEZ 3D configurator

The AEZ 3D configurator got a facelift.

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Winter is coming – bringing roadsalt in its wake.

The formula against it: SR3

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This combination is a ride “E”xtraordinaire

“E”state car deluxe – AEZ Straight paired with a Mercedes star.

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German quality in a twin pack

The new BMW 5 Series M Performance paired with the AEZ Crest dark.

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The AEZ Production Story – Part III

When the idea becomes reality and the wheel goes into serial production.

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The A4 Allroad on tour

And with the AEZ Crest dark he is looking fabulous.

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AEZ at Wienissimo

The AEZ carriage at the festival of good taste.

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The AEZ Production Story – Part II

How an idea becomes reality. Mold construction, sample casts and serial production clearance.

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The making of AEZ Wheels - „The Twins“

"The Twins" – the image movie for the new AEZ Crest dark design.

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AEZ wheels for all types – A5 Sportback

From stylish to sporty-aggressive.

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AEZ Wheels - The Twins

AEZ wheels - „The Twins“ – der Imagefilm zur AEZ Crest dark.

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A Royal with an Edge!

The AEZ Crest dark makes the Jaguar XF the ultimate jewel in the crown.

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A Star Is Crowned!

The new AEZ Crest dark makes the Mercedes S-Class real edgy.

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Perfect Match – Which car type fits you best?

That’s why you should give it a go and take part in our prize game.

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The wheel-development – Part 1

AEZ vouches for “Made in Germany”, which stands for more than just standard quality.

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The new Audi Q2 is a “q”ool allrounder

The SUV has edge, making it a perfect match for the AEZ Cliff.

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